08 January 2017

Recent Portraits

Tis the season... for commissioned artwork :-)
Now that these portraits have been opened as Christmas surprises, it's okay to share some photos!

I call this one "Devastatingly Handsome" because Albert's coloring reminds me of a tuxedo. For the background fabric, I went to my go-to hand dyes by Carol R Eaton. 
Then I hand cut and layered pieces of black, white and gray fabrics to create Albert's portrait. I used 2 shades of brown for his eyes and added more details with the hand guided quilting stitches.

finished size 12"x 15"


Commissioned as a memorial for a beloved family member.  This portrait was such a joy to create. David's sweet smile is contagious. I found myself smiling back at him as I worked on the quilt.

finished size 13"x 15"