06 January 2016

Spray Paint and Chocolate

Bless you, anyone who is still following my long-neglected blog! I’m sorry for the long time between posts.  It doesn't help that Windows Live Writer is having relationship issues with Blogger so I'm writing this post using the very user-unfriendly Blogger online tool, but that is no excuse.
To make up for my tardiness, I offer some light-hearted, colorful photos of my most recent work.  Up first is “Tag You’re It!” – my answer to the 3-Dimensional Challenge for Viewpoints 9.

It all started with this gorgeous hand-dyed fabric, which I’ve had in my studio for over a year.  It was made by Carol R. Eaton Designs, using some kind of magical dying technique involving snowballs, I think.  For some time I’ve wanted to use this fabric, but I really didn’t want to cut it up or cover it with objects or images.  So this month I decided to make the fabric an essential part of the composition.  The splashes of color remind me of airbrush or aerosol spray paint, which led me to thinking about graffiti and street art.

To answer the 3D challenge, I made a realistic-looking “spray can” (also the reflective element for my overall theme).  The shadow provides an illusion of perspective in a 3 dimensional space, as if the can is sitting on the ground near a spray-painted wall. The can was also stuffed and sewn so that it curves slightly out from the surface.

Technical details: Finished size 35”w x 40”h
Hand dyed and batik fabrics, hand-guided machine quilting, raw edge applique
Spray can was made with a remnant of a previous V9 quilt

Up next is a “sweet” Chocolate Lab, a commissioned pet portrait which was delivered over the holiday break.

Aw, look at that face! I love dogs….

Technical details: Finished size 15”w x 15”h
Hand dyed and batik fabrics, hand-guided machine quilting, raw edge applique
Attached to a 20”x 20” painted canvas, wired in the back for hanging