29 January 2015

New Goals for 2015

Yes it's almost the end of January and I'm just now mentioning my New Year's resolutions.  My blog posts have been very neglected lately.  But I'm going to change that!

To begin with, I will share photos of 2 commissions that were delivered earlier this month:

First off, "Zoey" (13" x 17" quilt mounted on 16" x 20" canvas)



and her little brother "Bradford" (same finished size)


Coming up I have 2 more commissions: one landscape and yet another dog portrait. In addition to these custom pieces, I have some creative goals of my own for this year.

My First goal: to create a coherent collection of 12 finished works of fiber art between now and the end of December 2015. 
Second goal: to integrate healthy habits into my daily life. Here's a quick overview of my game plan:

GOAL #1 (12 new works)

  1. Criteria for "coherent" = Consistent size/dimensions
    Pieces may be 18"x 24" rectangle, 18" square or 24" square]
  2. Criteria for "finished" = Ready to Hang. Edges must be finished by binding, facing or other technique; quilt will either be mounted to canvas, framed, or have a hanging sleeve attached to the back.
  3. Complete (on average) one work per month that will qualify for the collection.
  4. Challenge quilts for Viewpoints9 may also qualify for the 12 piece collection if they meet the criteria.

I chose the size dimension 18x24 because it is a standard canvas and frame size.  I figured that would increase my options for hanging the pieces.

And I added the option of 18" or 24" squares, so the pieces could be hung in an interesting combination and the show wouldn't be ALL one size and shape.   And more importantly, I think I can finish something of this size range in 4 weeks or less.
(key words: "I THINK I CAN")

Still, it will be a tough challenge. Especially since I'm not allowing myself the usual shortcut of leaving the edges unfinished and/or hanging mechanism unattached. Hand sewing is my LEAST favorite fiber-art activity, so it's going to take discipline for me to get these truly finished & ready to hang every time.

….aaaaand since it is January 29th, I will be a tad behind on the whole "one quilt per month" schedule. Better oil up that sewing machine and get to work!


Ok, on to GOAL #2 (Health & Wellness)
Here's My Checklist for Every Day:

  1. Healthy foods* for all meals and snacks.  *Healthy foods = according to the plan I put together for myself. Too much info to list here.
  2. Exercise at least 30 minutes.
  3. Lights OUT and screens OFF by 11:30 pm

If I complete all 3 things, I get 3 stars for the day. That's right!  I'm not ashamed to say I'm still motivated by smiley stickers and gold stars! :-)

Anyway, I won't continue to post too much on goal #2, as it is more lifestyle and less art related.  However, I believe strongly that my level of health and fitness has a direct affect on my creativity.  It also affects my mood, my stamina in the studio, and a host of other aspects of my life. 

So for now I'll just say that I am on Day 29 of my 2015 Goal and I've gotten my 3 stars for 25 days and 2 stars for the rest. I thought the exercise was going to be the hardest to keep up. But it turns out, SCREENS OFF is the tough one!