25 February 2015

"Red Fox, Blue Fox" Chosen for SAQA:Wild Fabrications

Woo-hoo! My animal portrait Red Fox, Blue Fox has been accepted into the Studio Art Quilt Associates juried exhibition "Wild Fabrications".

Wild Fabrications celebrates a world of animals both real and fantastical.  The exhibition will debut at the International Quilt Festival (IQF) in Houston, Texas in October and will then travel to IQF in Chicago, Illinois in March, 2016 and Quilt, Knit, Stitch in Portland, Oregon in August, 2016.


Juror: Geoffrey Gorman
Curator: Jennifer Day

The full list of accepted artists can be found on SAQA's website:

14 February 2015

Coffee Breaks

I had a great time with Building Blocks Together (BBT) Quilt Guild in Bristol, CT yesterday.  The freezing temperatures outside were offset by the warm and friendly people inside.

I demonstrated my 'layered applique' technique, using this finished piece as an example. At around 10"x10", it's perfect for a one hour demonstration (not including stitching). :

CoffeeBreak4(Coffee Break 4)

I like the sample piece with its soothing mocha tones and coffee-bean-like background fabric.  But for the demo at BBT I chose a brighter, more playful palette.  This is the one I put together last night:

Photo Feb 14, 3 13 16 PM(Coffee Break 5)

I loved creating this small composition in front of a live audience, answering questions and sharing the fun as people watched the image "appear" over the course of the demonstration. 

Thank you, BBT Quilters!  You're a wonderful crowd :-)

09 February 2015

New work

Just finished the latest dog portrait "Brad 2.0"  


This pup presented a challenge since he's almost completely white, except for a bit of brown on the ears and his leg. His face is bright white, and Shi Tzu faces are pretty flat. So the trick was finding a way to show the structure of his face without very much contrast. 

Photo Feb 09, 2 01 22 PM

I exaggerated (slightly) the shadows in order to create depth and to show the texture of his fur.  I also used a technique that I call "under-painting".  I layer different colored fabrics under a piece of white fabric, to create a subtle tint or shadowy color within the white. Other slight color variations were added with the stitching, using gray, yellow, tan and peach colored threads.

Photo Feb 07, 4 12 13 PM 
(image: white fabric, under-painted with gray or yellow fabrics)

Now that Brad 2.0 is ready for delivery, I can move on to finish my "Play Time" challenge for Viewpoints 9.  Stay tuned for photos, the Viewpoints gallery opens February 27.