18 February 2014

Workshop 1 Complete. On to Step 2

2-15-2014Last Saturday was the first "Magnolia Kit" workshop, and I must say it was fun and educational.  Well, it was for me, hopefully for the students too! 

Everyone was happy to participate and share their own ideas.  I left with a lot of great feedback and notes to improve the workshop. 

As students picked their fabric sets, I noticed which color schemes were popular and took a few requests for next time.  KT

People loved the complex and beautiful background fabrics, which were hand dyed by Carol R Eaton.  Even if 2 people had the same flower colors, they would not end up with an identical quilt.

We all made the same flower during class, to practice the technique from start to finish (some examples are shown here). 

14 - 4After we got a handle on the process with the first flower, the students were free to create any of the other flowers or buds they liked.  My job was easier because these particular artists are very self-sufficient. 

They only needed small corrections and advice as we went along, and by the end most of them were ready to run with their designs.  Luckily we wrapped things up just before it started to snow.


I can't wait to see what everyone puts together this week!  On Saturday 2/22 we will regroup and work on free motion quilting.

And since we were hit with YET another 5 inches of snow this morning, I was happy to stay inside and get some quilting done on my own sample project:


I am SO looking forward to spring!

07 February 2014

Fabrics that Make Me Think SPRING

I just got back from Carol R Eaton's studio in Shelton, bringing home with me a basket of goodies for my upcoming workshop! 

14 - 3

Oh, the colors of spring… You can't help but be cheered by these bright hues, each set tied with a bow like a little gift.

Carol put these fabric sets together very thoughtfully, so that the background complements the flower/branch/leaf palette.  You really can't go wrong.  I can't wait to see what the students create!

14 - 1 (1)

For the folks enrolled in this month's class, you can start dreaming about flowers and decide what colors you might want to use. 

Anyone else who is interested in doing a similar workshop, stay tuned for more details!


03 February 2014

Ready for Magnolia Workshop!

IMG_2992Magnolias, episode 4.

This time I'm using my favorite tree/flower in a brand new 2-part workshop.  Twelve artists from Sisters in Cloth have bravely signed up for my first ever "customizable kit" workshop.

On the first day, we will be creating just the quilt top.  Then a week later, we'll bring our tops back for a workshop on free-motion machine quilting.

How can a kit be customizable

Each kit will have a slightly varied color palette since we'll be using hand dyed fabrics by Carol R Eaton.  I've also created patterns for 9 different flowers.  The students can choose which ones and how many to make, and arrange them any way they like.  I'm hoping the result will be a wide variety of compositions, reflecting each student's style.

The example shown here is from a large kit, which includes 1/2 yard of ice dyed fabric for the background (flowers, leaves and branches are not quilted yet).  The Sisters and I will be working with the smaller kit, which includes a fat quarter of background fabric instead of 1/2 yard.

I have not included workshop details on my website YET.  Before I start really promoting this class, I want to hear from my first batch of students.  I may need to adjust the fabric amounts, refine the instructions or tweak the timing, based on their feedback. 

Thanks for being the guinea pigs on this first one, Sisters!