26 May 2013

“Morgan’s Flight”: Quilt National ‘13

Now that Quilt National ‘13 is officially open, I can finally share a photo of Morgan’s Flight (which was completed in 2012). Thanks again to Morgan Kaolian for inspiring me with his aerial photos of Bridgeport.


So now we’re back from Athens, Ohio. The whole weekend went by in a flash. What a fantastic experience.  The show this year is incredible!  It was such a thrill to see all the artwork in person, and meet many of the artists during the opening weekend.


Check out the Dairy Barn’s Facebook page to see photos of Quilt National’s opening night.



22 May 2013

Finished! “Magnolias III”

MagnoliasIII (4)After sitting on the bench with an injury this past week (cut my thumb pretty badly with a rotary cutter), I finally got back into the studio yesterday to finish Magnolias III.

The rotary cutter incident happened as I was trimming the sides of the finished piece, getting it ready for a binding.  Stupid mistake, a moment of distraction, and the next thing you know I’m heading for the walk-in medical center.

The good news: I’m fine and this will heal completely.  The bad news: It will take a long time before my thumb doesn’t look completely gross.  Definitely not in time for Quilt National this weekend. :-/

Onto even BETTER news:  Here’s a photo of the finished Magnolias III, which will be sent to the Texas Quilt Museum next week for the “America the Beautiful” exhibition.  The show will be on display from July to September 2013.

Next project: “Dogwood”
Stay tuned for updates and photos!

MagnoliasIII (3)

13 May 2013

Work in Progress: Magnolias III

MagnoliasIII_wipWhen I got back from the SAQA Conference in Santa Fe, I was delighted to see our Magnolia tree in full bloom.  I had to take a few photos of it, since I knew that in a matter of days, the beautiful white and pink flowers would turn brown and litter the front lawn.

This is my 3rd homage to the Magnolia, a short-lived celebration of spring.  When it’s finished, Magnolias III will travel to the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange, TX.  It will be exhibited along with Copper Lily and Sunflower in the “America the Beautiful” exhibition.

The flowers were created with cut pieces of hand dyed and plain white fabric, shading was added using silk paint, and now I’ve started adding more detail with free motion stitching (detail photo below). 

Next up on the design board: a commissioned piece featuring Dogwood flowers which will be about 38”W x 20”H.  Along with Magnolias III (17”W x 36”H), these two compositions will count as “Major work #3”, due May 30.

I will post photos of the finished pieces in the next few weeks.