27 October 2013

New Work: "Daughter"

Full disclosure, I am not a scholar of ancient Irish language so if there are any out there reading this, please allow me some artistic license.

Daughter9The hash lines you see along the right side of this composition are Ogham letters, which spell CATE INIGENA IOSEF MUCOI OBRIEN.

Roughly translated it means Kate, daughter of Joseph, of tribe O'Brien, the full title of this piece.  As I saved my-work-in-progress photos that name was too long, so I started referring to it as simply "Daughter".

Daughter is my first challenge quilt for Viewpoints 9, cycle 2. The challenge was to interpret the idea of passing time.  I chose the idea of ancestry and generational lines as a way to mark the passage of time.

The image on the left is my interpretation of an ancient Irish stone carved with Ogham letters. (This particular one was found in County Kerry but has since been moved to Adare, County Limerick). 

I used black sharpie markers to draw the image onto light-colored fabric. I densely stitched the dark shapes with black thread, to resemble the pits and carved areas of the stone. The lighter fabric was left unstitched, to create a sort of shallow relief.

You can read more about this and all the Time Challenge quilts on Viewpoints9's new blog: