26 October 2012

New Work: “Copper Lily”

CopperLily (4)For the Viewpoints9 Scent of a Memory challenge, my inspiration was the IV drug Heparin.


Read more about this piece and the other challenge quilts on Viewpoints9 blog.

19 October 2012

Progress on NYC

Checking in with my latest progress: I’d say I have about 3/4 of the cutting and piecing done on “NYE in NYC”. 


My goal is to complete this phase and move on to quilting by next Wed. Oct 24th.   That will give me roughly two and a half weeks to finish it by the November 10th deadline.

I was very excited to find this striped batik fabric, replacing the solid turquoise-blue one.  I also like the light blue batik with the circle pattern.  I’m really thinking about using more prints or patterns for this piece, instead of the modeled hand dyes. There’s just more energy to the batiks.  It’s a risk – not only design wise, but searching for new fabrics might cause me to miss my Nov 10th deadline.  I’ll have to take that chance.  It think it’s better to make it right than to make it fast.  But I definitely want to have it done by November 26 so I can include it in my solo show at the Funky Monkey.

Looking forward to the NYPD car – I can’t wait to get into those reflections, the headlights and most of all the siren!

14 October 2012

“Boston Harbor”– Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

This weekend I traveled to Needham, Massachusetts to deliver the 3 Boston Harbor paintings to Jennifer Wolfsberg, Managing Principal at Centerpoint Advisors LLC.

Installed (14)a 

Here they are hanging in Centerpoint’s seating area. 

Installed (6)a

I’m very happy to say Jennifer was thrilled with the finished artwork.  (Whew!)

I was also relieved that the paintings blended well with the overall style of the office.  The florescent lights seemed to make the yellows and oranges stand out more intensely than I expected.  But as long as the client is happy, so am I!

Here are photos of the individual pieces:  




I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do some painting again.  Thanks, Jennifer and the team at Centerpoint!  Best of luck and success in your new office location.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, too.  Tomorrow I’ll be trading my paintbrushes back for scissors, fabric and thread.  Next update will be the Copper Lily, the Vp9 Challenge coming up on October 26.

11 October 2012

Progress on NYC


Now that I’m finished with the Boston Harbor paintings (photos coming soon), I’m spending my studio hours on the NYC piece.  Here it is as of 3pm today.

Whoa, that giant piece is due November 10th?  Yeah okay don’t panic!  I’m talking to myself here.  There’s still four whole weeks left.  Plenty of time, right?  Still, I’m starting to worry if I bit off more than I can chew with this schedule.  BUT we’ll never know until we try.  So… BACK TO WORK! (insert whip-cracking sound here)

I made quite a bit of progress on the larger blocks of color, and now I’m starting to flesh out some of the buildings and lights.  I decided to start with the buildings that appear farthest away, which is also the brightest area. 


One of the reasons I’m doing this part first is so I can get a sense of where the light source is, then build the rest of the composition around that.  As I go along, it will help me judge where certain highlights and reflections belong.

The other reason I’m doing the brightest part is for personal motivation. What can I say, neon lights just make me happy. I love that unnatural glow!  Seeing the lights start to pop off the surface really puts me into another state of mind, and kind of energizes me to keep working. 

More updates to come.  Stay tuned!


10 October 2012

“Morgan’s Flight” Accepted into Quilt National ‘13!

Morgan’s Flight will be flying to Ohio next year, for Quilt National 2013 at the Dairy Barn Arts Center.  I’m so thrilled!  Mine was one of 85 pieces chosen for Quilt National 2013. Artists from all over the USA and around the world participate in this biennial juried competition, now in its eighteenth season. 

I’m very excited and proud to represent Connecticut in this show.  But not just because I’m the only exhibiting artist from the Nutmeg State.  Morgan’s Flight depicts a nighttime aerial view of Bridgeport Center (Bridgeport, CT).

As I’ve mentioned before, this piece was inspired by the photography of Bridgeport native, professional pilot and photographer Morgan Kaolian.  The title of the piece is my way of acknowledging and thanking Morgan for letting me use his beautiful photos for inspiration and reference material.

Congratulations to all the QN’13 exhibitors!  To see a full list of participating artists and titles, visit the Dairy Barn’s website:

QN_logoQuilt National ‘13 runs from May 24 – Sept 2, 2013
Dairy Barn Arts Center
8000 Dairy Lane
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 592-4981

03 October 2012

Progress: Copper Lily

The Viewpoints9 deadline is 3 weeks away, but (miracle of miracles) I’m finished with my challenge piece.  As in, EARLY.  I’ll leave the binding until the last possible moment of course.  But that’s irrelevant.  Point is, I have 23 whole days to slack off…  Oh wait.  No I don’t.

Even if it wasn’t for the November 1st deadline for the big NYC piece, I’ve been commissioned to create a 3-painting mural (24x36 ea.) to be delivered to Boston MA on October 13.  Free-wheeling down time between projects?  HA!  Don’t' make me laugh!

I’m not complaining.  It’s a great problem to have.  Painting is fun.  Plus, who am I to turn down a paying job?  And the tight deadline guarantees I don’t go into daydream mode after finishing Copper Lily

I realize that I spend way more time thinking of ideas and planning out the composition than actually making the piece.  For this challenge I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do almost right away.  It turned out to be good practice for me; just pick a direction and get something concrete done, rather than hem and haw over all the possibilities for weeks at a time.

For the “Scent of a Memory” challenge, I decided to use a copper color palette to reference the penny, along with the image of a Stargazer Lily.  Here’s the basic color scheme I settled on:

CopperLily (1)

If you know me at all you’ll understand that the thread is a major component in my designs.  So I usually pick out a wide range of colors in the thread as well as the fabric. 

I’m happy with how this piece turned out.  I feel like it met my goals: incorporating both elements (copper and lily) into the design, and making something I’d be willing to hang on the wall.  I’ll post a full-view photo of the finished piece on October 26 after the Viewpoints9 gallery opens.  Until then…


I’ll give you a peek!  Smile

Here’s a detail of the finished “Copper Lily”:

CopperLily (5)

In the meantime I’ve turned my attention to Boston Harbor triptych, so for the next two weeks I’ll be trading my sewing machine for a paintbrush.

Working in a different medium has been a nice change of pace and focus.  I’ll try to remember to switch things up during the year to avoid getting burned out on fiber art. 

WIP1 (6) 

More photos of Boston Harbor coming soon.  Have a great week!