26 August 2012

New Work: “Nomad in the Desert”

It has been a while since my last post, but luckily the Viewpoints9 Challenge Group has kept me busy in the studio.  This month’s challenge was entitled “Horizon”.  Read more about it here:

The inspiration for my challenge piece is an exploration of concrete and transient lines.  The design is based on a photo of my brother sitting at an outdoor cafĂ© in Aqaba, Jordan.

I love the crisp lines of stone architecture contrasted with the organic shape of a person sitting on a soft couch.  The intense sun creates sharp shadows at this time of day, altering the shapes and colors by the hour

The title “Nomad” refers to the nickname I have for my brother Patrick.  Born to travel, he never lives in one place for more than a few years.  Although he is constantly venturing into unfamiliar territory and adjusting to new cultures, customs and languages, he has the uncanny ability to remain completely true to himself.  He’s like one of these shadows gliding easily over the architecture, becoming part of the scene but only temporarily.

To see more of the Viewpoints9 Challenge quilts, visit: