29 February 2012

“Viewpoints 9” Starts Tomorrow

Possibilities_detailVertI’m nervous and excited to start a new artistic project: a series of 9 art quilts – led by creative challenges from 9 different artists.  The big leap for me: letting go of control.

For the first time I’m agreeing to create 9 different 18” x 24” art quilts, having NO IDEA what the subject matter will be for any of them.  And I’m signing on to create each one in 8 weeks or less.

Here’s a bit more background on the project, from the Viewpoints 9 blog:

Viewpoints 9 is an international collective of fiber artists from 5 countries.
Commencing March 1, 2012, the group will begin a series of challenges exploring sources of inspiration.

Over the following 2 months, each artist will respond to a challenge proposed by one of the members, creating an art quilt, 18"x 24".
Weekly discussions will be posted by members, reflecting on their creative process, sharing their work in progress, or other aspects of the challenge.

On the 26th of April, our first Virtual Gallery Opening will be held, here on our blog.  Each artist will share their creation as well as their reaction to the challenge.

Starting the 1st of the next month, the cycle will begin again, for a total of 9 cycles over the next 18 months.

Readers are welcome to join in the discussion either here or on our Facebook page as we explore what inspires us.

I can’t wait to see what the first challenge will be! 
Wish me luck…

08 February 2012

Quick Update: “Morgan’s Flight”

On Saturday, January 28th I was thrilled to hand out the two “Guess What This Is” contest awards in person – at the SAQA CT Regional Meeting in Guilford, CT.  Fiber artists Carol Eaton and Mary Lyn Page guessed correctly, that Morgan’s Flight is inspired by the architecture of Bridgeport Center in Bridgeport, CT.

To give you a bit more background on this piece, it was inspired by an aerial view of Bridgeport at night.  The pilot/photographer/Bridgeport native who took the original photo is Morgan Kaolian.

I was awestruck by Kaolian’s photos in his solo exhibition “City Under Lights”.  So I tracked him down through his company AeroPix and sent him an email.  Mr. Kaolian graciously gave me his blessing to use his photography as inspiration for an art quilt.

I love working on this piece; at the same time I’m nervous about doing justice to Kaolian’s beautiful photography.  The title “Morgan’s Flight” is a reference to the piece’s inspiration and an expression of gratitude to the photographer himself.

I still haven’t worked up the nerve to book a ticket on Sky Rides