22 January 2012

Last Installment: Mystery Picture

No one has guessed the building or the city yet, so I’m going to post one last photo update before the contest ends.   Maybe you can pick out some distinguishing characteristics. And now for a few hints:
The city depicted here is in Connecticut
It is not Hartford
The title of this piece is “Morgan’s Flight”
Good luck everyone!

This will be the last photo update of “Morgan’s Flight” as a work-in-progress.  The next time I post a photo of this piece it will be finished.  Stay tuned Smile

16 January 2012

Next Installment of the mystery quilt

Well, we have a couple of close guesses so far.  Norma and Carol both guessed that these shapes are buildings.  Correct! 
Carol wins for being the first to guess buildings as seen from above.  Congratulations Carol!
But it’s not over yet, folks! I’m posting another installment to see if anyone can be more specific.  Can you tell me what building is featured, or guess the city?  If you can, I’ll send you a box of cards as well.
HINT: It’s somewhere in New England.
I’ll leave the contest open until January 28th.  Happy guessing, everyone!

09 January 2012

Can you guess what this is?

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any new photos in a while.  That’s because for weeks I couldn’t find the adapter thingy that hooks my camera into my PC to download photos.  Not sure if that is funny or just sad. Anyway…

Found it!  

Let’s start the year off right with a little contest and super-fabulous prize give away, shall we?


CLUES: This is a photo of a work-in-progress.  It is a full view, not a detail.  The finished piece will be about 45in.x 45in.  It has roughly 4 layers of color right now.  By the time it’s finished it may have 12-15 layers.  Any guesses?

CHALLENGE: Add a comment to guess what person/place/thing is the inspiration behind this piece!

If you are the first person to guess correctly, I’ll send you a box of my newest greeting cards.  The box will include 4 cards featuring “Dandelion” and 4 cards featuring “GottaHavaCuppa”, along with 8 envelopes in a lovely gold foil stationery box.

 CardImage_DandelionSM   5x7Vert_coffeeSM

If there is no winner by the end of January, I’ll post a new photo or detail a little further along in the process.

Have fun and good luck!


02 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Inspiring New Year

May 2012 be filled with creativity, joy and color!

Themel_SunflowerCrop (image: “Sunflower” ©2011 Kate Themel)