14 July 2010

Nope, guess I haven’t learned…

Themel_OdeToKissDetailWell I managed to get “Ode to a Kiss” on its way to the Whistler House Museum of Art just under the wire.  Once again I had to pay for rush shipping, but it should be there tomorrow (the deadline for deliveries is July 15).  

Since I finished this quilt in 2008 it’s hard to believe I couldn’t get it to Lowell much earlier!

In my defense, it did take a long time to figure out how to ship a wooden dowel along with it – the quilt is 46” wide and a hanging dowel needed to be 44” long.   Kind of an awkward box to mail.  Mailing tubes were just a little too narrow.  The quilt is like 5 feet long so I couldn’t roll it tight enough to fit the tube.  By July 12th I was starting to panic.  

PaintHandlesBut then my engineer husband came up with a brilliant plan!  We used wooden dowel extenders (see photo, left).   We used 3 extension handles; sawed off the end to get the correct length & smoothed it out with sandpaper.  Then we just added eye screws to the 2 ends.   When they are all assembled, it makes a perfect wooden dowel rod all the way across and meets the Whistler’s requirements for hanging.  Yea!

Then I unscrewed them so the pieces fit into a 6 x 12 x 18 box.  I think it’s a great solution – hopefully it won’t cause any issues for the hangers at the Whistler.

07 July 2010

Just in Time – Got my auction quilt to SAQA

Whew!  Talk about last minute!   The deadline for donations was July 1st and I got it there ON the day, by Overnight FedEx.   I was sewing the hanging sleeve on the back of it 20 minutes before the FedEx guy was supposed to come and pick it up!  I have GOT to get more organized.  :-)

In any case, here he is Mr. Frog “Poison Dart” himself…  ready to do his part for Studio Art Quilt Associates.

Check SAQA’s website to see all the donated artwork:  My quilt is on page 1b


How the Auction Works

There are over 200 Benefit Auction quilts donated by our members. The SAQA 2010 Benefit Auction will begin on Monday, September 20th at 2:00 Eastern Time and conclude on Saturday, October 9 at 2:00 Eastern.

Last year's Benefit Auction raised $47,325. The funds raised through the Auction are critical to supporting SAQA's exhibitions, catalogs and outreach programs.


01 July 2010

Fiber Art Exhibition at Windsor Art Center – Registration is Open for “Identity”


SAQA Artists in CT, RI and MA are invited to participate in an upcoming Fiber Art Exhibition at the Windsor Art Center (Windsor, CT)


Through fiber art and sculpture, artists share the memorable experiences and traditions that have shaped their personal identity.

Registration is Open NOW

No Entry Fee

Deadline for Entries October 1, 2010

Identity is a non-juried show, open to all current SAQA members who live in Connecticut, Massachusetts or Rhode Island.  

Exhibition Dates: January 22 - March 5, 2011

Contact Kate Themel for a copy of the prospectus

The Windsor Art Center is located at the Freight House:

40 Mechanic Street
Windsor, CT 06095-2522
(860) 688-2528