27 August 2009

Fiber Snapshots

It’s deadline time so I’m calling the end of “Creative Challenge 2009”...  The final collection will be:

  • Just For the Fun of it
  • Prayer for Peace
  • Woman
  • Healthy Relationship
  • Unity of Purpose
  • Honest Day’s Work
  • Abundance
  • Show Off
  • Muscle Memory

You might have noticed “Near Miss” or the Lightning Storm is not included.  It may be good enough to hang in some show but just doesn’t fit this one.  So these 10 make up the quilted Fiber Snapshots exhibition.  Visit NVCC’s Leever Atrium Gallery between September 25th and November 20th to see them in person!

If you’d like to receive a postcard for this and other exhibitions, please join our mailing list (scroll down to the bottom of this page to use the contact form).  Thanks!

24 August 2009

Finished: Welder

It was hard to photograph this one because of the metallic thread. Some of the sparkle is getting lost with the flash. But it's a little easier to see the stitching in the detail shot (hopefully). This may be my last one since the show will start in September.

This week I've started work on a new commission project. This one is pretty enormous, 9 individual quilts due in mid-October. No signs of things slowing down until then, so I'll still be working on overdrive.

I'm still struggling with a name for the "Challenge" collection, and I really need to settle on something so I can get promotional postcards in time. I think I like the idea of Snapshots in Time... but is there a more exciting way of putting it?

The concept is definitely taking shape as little snapshots, or moments in time, etc. They illustrate a moment captured or frozen... Not sure how to describe the collection.
Need help... Comments are welcome!

15 August 2009

Progress: A Day's Work

Despite the title, it's going to take more than a day to complete this quilt. It's a work in progress; I just started quilting the other day but haven't had a chance to get back to it yet. So far I've added a few strands of metallic thread, which I like. I'll be adding a lot more to fill in the area of the sparks. (detail photo below)
It's based on a welder, who represents the idea of doing an day's work for a day's pay. In some ways, learning a trade and working with one's hands for a living is becoming a lost "art".