08 June 2016


Wait... did I miss one?  Sorry about that.
OK moving on. This week has been all about spring (summer) cleaning.  The house, I mean.  For too long my room and studio have been full of random furniture, toys, laundry and other items that were stalled there in the process of being assembled, cleaned, donated, moved to another room or simply landed there because there was nowhere else to put them.

I'm not sure if other artists go through these kinds of phases, but I've been in a creative slump for a while. One thing that is a definite stumbling block for me -- disorder and chaos in my environment. When things are disorganized in my house I feel like my brain is disorganized too. ...Or maybe it's the other way around? Could be when my brain is chaos my house ends up in chaos. 
Chicken vs. Egg, whatever.  The point is, I needed to take some steps to break out of the creative slump and get my head in the right place again.  So I decided to work on my immediate environment, hoping it would clear some space in my life and in my creative brain.

So, again not much artwork was happening inside the studio.  I did however manage to make some progress on my Viewpoints 9 challenge.

I'm intrigued by the idea of balance and order, or at least recognizable pattern appearing out of apparent chaos.  I've been looking at the Fibonacci number series, phi, the Golden Ratio.

My goal is to create a composition that resembles a page torn out of my sketchbook.  Sketch drawings, notes, fabric swatches, along those lines.  Normally I do most of my pre-quilt "sketching" in my head or on Paintshop software.  So this piece will be a physical object representing my thought process. Taking disjointed, chaotic thoughts and organizing them into a coherent vision.

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