25 May 2016


So another week has flown by.  Seems like time moves faster as the weather gets nicer.  Or is that just because I'm more tempted to be outside and spend less time in the studio?

Quick recap of the week:
The Lecture/ Trunk Show/ Workshop visit to First Dutchess Quilters was a pleasure. The guild members are friendly and open, and the people I had in class were great.

As you can see, most of the students completed the class project before heading home. Some of them plan to expand their Magnolia designs with additional flowers and branches.  One student wasted NO time and completed her quilt a few days later (see below for Karen Abramson's quilt).

I was so happy to see the wide range of colors - both in the flowers and the backgrounds. Seeing these little environments come to life is what makes the class fresh and fun for me, even after years of doing the Magnolia workshop. Thanks Carol R Eaton Designs!



And here is Karen Abramson's finished quilt (image below).  She added a lovely double-border in coordinating fabrics.  Nicely done!
I always feel good when I see students showing off their finished work. The last thing I want is to send them home with an unfinished project to linger in the "someday I'll get to that" pile.

Ok, other news... I did a lot of yard work this week. The kind of stuff that takes a lot of effort but doesn't really get you to a WOW photo. Weeding, tearing up grass, planting and digging/transporting other plants and power washing the stone patio. Maintenance stuff.  But at least it was a nice opportunity to use power tools and spend time outside with my sister and my son :-)

Once again I have knitting progress but no quilting.  My mom warned me that knitting can be addictive. But do I listen???

All right, back to the studio! Next week my goal is to have at least the beginning of my Viewpoints 9 TEXT challenge on the design board.  Stay tuned :-)

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