09 May 2016

Mother's Day commissions

Whew!  Okay so all went well with the commissioned portraits.  The client was thrilled with them and gave them to her daughters for Mother's Day.  Today she sent me a glowing report from her daughters as well.
So here they are, the Sunshine Sisters:

(I absolutely LOVED working on the girls' gorgeous curly hair )
And the Giggling Trio:

(I'm a sucker for kids who wear glasses)

Each portrait had its own style and sense of place but I hope they both show a loving connection between siblings. I love the way baby brother and older sister are holding hands (Giggling Trio, finished size 14"x 20"), and the way older sister hugs her younger sister (Sunshine Sisters, finished size 14"x 16").  

Creating a 14x20 composition featuring 3 faces was a challenge, not to mention adding hands, clothing, glasses.  Working in such a small scale (baby brother's head is only about 3" diameter), my top priority was to capture the kids' features and a little of their personality using minimal shapes and lines.  I figured if the grandmother and parents could recognize their precious children in these portraits, they would be happy. 

I'm so relieved the client loved them!  Whew!

These portraits were a great learning experience for me.  It's always good to push yourself beyond your comfort zone as an artist.  With that said: in the future I'm going to set a minimum size for portraits, especially ones with multiple people in them. Not that I'm unhappy with these. I like the way they came out. But it's a lot more difficult to cut and sew really tiny pieces. I prefer a little more room to work, so I can really capture the smaller details.

Okay, I'm going to take a SHORT break from quilting. Regroup. Clean up the disaster area otherwise known as my studio. Then move on to the next project.

Check back soon! :-)


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  1. These are wonderful, Kate, as are all your portraits. I'm sure it was difficult to work that small, but you certainly did succeed.


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