15 April 2016

Back on Track...ish

Oh boy, did I miss the deadline already?  OK, I forgot my own rule about the once a week posting.
Mistake acknowledged.  Moving on.

So how did it go this week?  The first ever Water Lily Workshop had a few wrinkles but we made it through and the students were great.  Based on the feedback I received during class, I came home and worked all day on the patterns, trying to make them easier to follow. 

Sometimes there's no way to know how students will see/approach the pattern until they try it in person.  The student feedback was really valuable, and they were good sports about being the test subjects.

On a more ego-boosting note, I received a nice note from Eileen of the CT Piecemakers Quilt Guild, whom I visited last month.  We did the Magnolia Kit workshop on March 15th, and yesterday Eileen reported that many of the students came back to their monthly membership meeting with finished quilts!  Yay!  The students went home and used what they learned in class, finished their quilts and were so HAPPY and proud of their work they wanted to share it with their fellow Piecemakers.  That makes me happy!

Finished quilt by Chris Snieckus. ^  Beautiful job, Chris!
Marcia Cohen shows off her finished magnolia quilt. Great job, Marcia!

On to the business of this week -  I'm sweating some deadlines. 
Monday I'm traveling to Massachusetts for a lecture/ trunk show at Quilter's Connection.
By April 27 I need to finish a monochromatic challenge for Viewpoints 9.  I have a clear idea of what I want to do, but I need to execute it soon.
By Mother's Day I have 2 commissions: one has 2 kids in the picture, the other has 3 kids.  These projects have inspired me to change the "rules" on commissions going forward.  For multiple faces in one composition, I am going to require at least 12"x 12"of area per face.  Trying to fit 3 faces in a 12x18 quilt is not ideal.  I like to capture the details and some of the personality of a person in my portraits, and I can't do that the way I want to when the face is super small. However, I will do my very very best to make these commissions beautiful and fun.
May 18-19 I'll be traveling to Poughkeepsie, NY to do a 2 day visit including the Magnolia Kit workshop.

So...  Lots of things and stuff to do.  I'm off to the studio!


  1. Water lilies look great as well as the magnolias Commissions have to be really tough with deadlines, hope it does not suck the joy out of creating for you.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes commissions are really fun and other times they're just a way to pay the bills. I'm definitely still enjoying them but the due dates are making me kind of nervous. Then again, I seem to work better under a deadline so maybe part of me likes the pressure! LOL

  2. Hi Kate! You always did well with deadlines and I'm sure you'll do great this time too :)

  3. Thanks Ettore! So nice to hear from you :)
    Hope you & the family are doing great

    1. We're great :) can't believe kindergarten is this fall! Keep up the great work!


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