29 June 2015

New Work: Rock Star

I created “Rock Star” for the latest Viewpoints9 challenge – a finished piece measuring 42” in height using neon colors. For this, our third cycle of Viewpoints9, each artist had the added challenge to choose one idea or theme that will run through all of our compositions. My overall theme is Reflection.

"Neon" reminds me of nightclubs, bar signs and sometimes the your-name-in-lights idea of fame. Which made me think of music.  I ran upstairs and recruited one of my favorite "models" to pose for this portrait (my son, home from college on summer break). I used a desk light to create a single light source, to resemble a stage spotlight.  He was already playing guitar so he didn't really have to work too hard. LOL

To fulfill the challenge, I used neon-colored fabrics in green, yellow and red-orange, as well as some neon blue and pink threads.  For my overall theme of "reflection", the shiny metal surfaces of the button on the guitar strap and the tuners seem to fit the bill.  Reflection could also refer to the way Graeson turns to music when he wants to chill out alone.  He becomes absorbed in the music as he improvises melodies.  Not having any musical ability myself, I find it fascinating. It seems like a form of meditation or mental escape.

technical details:
finished size 28"W x 42"H
cotton fabric, hand cut and layered and secured using raw-edge applique, quilting with hand-guided free motion stitching, rayon and polyester threads


  1. Oh Kate - this is SO amazing! The subject - the size - the color palette - it's all fabulous!

    1. Thanks Carol! I loved using the bright colors against black and navy blue. So much fun! :-)

  2. You've achieved rock star status in my book! So fascinated by your work.

  3. This is fabulous Kate! I love the colors and the shading. A great piece!


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