14 February 2015

Coffee Breaks

I had a great time with Building Blocks Together (BBT) Quilt Guild in Bristol, CT yesterday.  The freezing temperatures outside were offset by the warm and friendly people inside.

I demonstrated my 'layered applique' technique, using this finished piece as an example. At around 10"x10", it's perfect for a one hour demonstration (not including stitching). :

CoffeeBreak4(Coffee Break 4)

I like the sample piece with its soothing mocha tones and coffee-bean-like background fabric.  But for the demo at BBT I chose a brighter, more playful palette.  This is the one I put together last night:

Photo Feb 14, 3 13 16 PM(Coffee Break 5)

I loved creating this small composition in front of a live audience, answering questions and sharing the fun as people watched the image "appear" over the course of the demonstration. 

Thank you, BBT Quilters!  You're a wonderful crowd :-)


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