03 August 2014

A New Perspective

I just got back from the opening reception of "Five Fiber Friends" in New Haven, CT.  Along with Diane Cadrain, Diane Wright, Mickey Lawler and Trish Hodge, I had the pleasure of seeing my artwork hung in a new context.

Fairhaven Furniture sells artisan wood furniture and other home accessories, and they regularly showcase local artists in their gallery.  The walls are currently adorned with our textiles - framed or hung on slats and dowel rods; felted, sewn, painted, knitted - displayed together in really interesting combinations.

I love the way Kate Paranteau arranged the show in a series of small seating/viewing areas, with artwork and furniture complimenting each other.  It created such a warm and inviting environment.

Photo Aug 03, 2 06 16 PM

Some of the pieces I have in the show are over 2-3 years old, which is often the cut-off age for exhibition calls for entry. But seeing them today, paired with work by other artists, in a casual "home" environment, gave me a new appreciation for those older pieces.  They still work, and they still make me happy.

THAT led me to think about the next regional exhibition I'd like to help organize with Diane Wright.  Why have size or age limitations?  Why not hang things in combination with each other, sometimes stacking work vertically?  Artwork doesn't always have to be hung in a straight horizontal line, in uniform size or style or even with an over-arching theme.  Totally random, diverse artwork CAN make sense when hung in the right combination.  My mind is racing.... in a good way.