28 July 2014

Fiber Art in a Home Environment: "Five Fiber Friends" at River Street Gallery (New Haven, CT)

Please join us for the Opening Reception August 3, 2014


The Five Fiber Friends exhibition runs Aug 1 – Sept 21, 2014

Opening Reception Aug 3 at 2pm

Fairhaven Furniture
72 Blatchley Ave
New Haven, CT 06513

This was a first for me – installing an art exhibition in a furniture showroom and "curating on the fly" with Fairhaven Furniture's gallery organizer Kate Paranteau.

The five of us: Diane Wright, Mickey Lawler, Trish Hodge, Diane Cadrain and I showed up last Friday morning with a bundle of available artwork. Not knowing exactly how the collection would shake out, we each brought a dozen or so pieces.  When it was all unpacked, I thought we'd be lucky to fit HALF of it on the walls.  It was overwhelming!

But Kate P helped the five of us make sense of all the colorful, diverse artwork by grouping pieces in small sitting/viewing areas. 

RiverStGallery (9)  

The result is a wonderful, vibrant exhibition full of charming "art stories" to explore.  Comfy sofas, cool lamps and handmade tables compliment the artwork and give viewers an idea of how fiber art might fit into their own home or office.

 RiverStGallery (7)

When we left that afternoon, the artwork was firmly in place but the furniture may still be moved around and changed before opening night.  I can't wait to go back and see it.  Hope you'll join me!

Five Fiber Friends - 49

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