18 March 2014

Workshop: Ready to Launch

14 - 14Thanks to the helpful feedback from my first group of students, I have made some improvements to my Magnolia Kit Workshop.

Carol R Eaton and I got together to talk about different fabric choices. The students' work has been so inspiring, we can't wait to do this again!

14 - 3So I guess that means I'm ready to go forward with phase two – advertising and booking the next workshop.

So far I have added a blurb on the SAQA website, under Resources, "Art Services Directory"

14 - 13I'm also working on changes to my website, to include information on workshops and presentations.  Here's a look at the prototype page, to see a list of classes and workshops:

Thank you again, Sisters in Cloth and Carol R Eaton, for making the first workshop so much fun!


  1. And if you need or want ;^) any personal tributes/reviews just call on us! We had a WONDERFUL experience.

  2. I have seen the student work from your workshop on blogs and think the magnolia is divine - I have one in my garden. Pity I live here in New Zealand as I would be in the queue for your workshop!

    1. Thank you Maureen. If I'm ever lucky enough to visit New Zealand I will look you up! :-)


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