24 December 2013

New Work: "Honey Bee"

Bzzzzzzz!  Honey Bee is done!  I call it done even though it doesn't have a binding or hanging sleeve sewn on yet.  Details, details! 

I'll get those last few tasks done before I deliver the quilt for photography next month.  You can see this and all the "Then and Now" quilts at the Windham Textile History Museum this spring.


Finished size will be 35"h x 48"w.  Bits of pollen were created by hand sewn glass beads.

I have to say, I really like this one.  But I don't have time to savor the moment too long.  After a couple days of holiday fun I'll be back in the studio working on a commission for Yale New Haven hospital. I'll share more details on that when I can.

Until then, Happy New Year everyone!




  1. This is just wonderful, Kate! Beautiful colors and I love the bits of pollen in beads.

  2. this is beautiful, love the colors

  3. What a brilliant idea and so spectacularly executed! Absolutely stunning!!

  4. Thanks, everyone! Happy New Year :-)

  5. I have the same trouble with those details! The glass beads were a great touch to this piece...Happy New Year.


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