13 November 2013

New Work: "Tattooed Boy" is Done!

Still working on a title for this piece, but here it is. My little darling is all stitched.

(For more back-story on this piece, read my previous post

TattooBoy_finishedMy original plan for the background quilting was to write a bunch of personal messages with free motion stitching.

Like some kind of desperate last-ditch effort to tell him everything he needs to know before he becomes an adult.

But I decided that would just create more "noise" around him, and I already have the idea covered with the BLAH BLAH BLAHs.  Instead, I decided to just include one text message, right around his ear, like a whisper. 

I figured out there's only one message I want him to get from me, even if he remembers NOTHING else I've said in 17 years. And that is

Themel_TattooDetail"I will always love you".


  1. Kate - it came out fantastic! What a unique design... obviously you're the cool mom! I can't wait to see it in person :)

  2. Thanks Carol! And thanks for making this awesome custom fabric. Who knew "BLAH" could be so fabulous? LOL

  3. Ah, Kate. You brought a few tears to my eyes with your quote. :)

  4. Watching your kids grow up and become adults is a challenge. I still look at my kids and wonder where the "little" ones went. Your quilt is such a loving gift.

  5. Update: The new title is "Leaving a Mark". I'm happy to say this piece will make it's debut at the 70th Annual CT Artists Exhibition at the Slater Museum Feb 9 - March 21, 2014. :-)


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