22 September 2013

Finalizing details

Last update on "Tattooed Boy" work in progress.  The next photo I post will be the finished piece.

First, let me say that I really appreciate the number of parents who contacted me and shared their stories about kids leaving the nest.  I feel so NORMAL now!  ha ha


Progress report: You'll notice right away that the red/orange background is missing.  I didn't change my mind about the fabric, don't worry.  It's just on it's way to Carol Eaton's workshop. 

The beige background drains some of the "life" out of it, I think.  Can't wait to get the finished background back!

As you might have also noticed, I added some detail in the pants and belt, and I've changed/added some pieces on the face. I also changed some of the pieces on his arms and front.  This one has a more accurate sense of light coming from behind him to the left, and it brings out more of his muscle structure. Overall, the skin is pretty close to being done.  The rest of the shading and details will probably be added with stitching, after he's attached to the background. 



Side Note: I'm really loving these black and white fabrics!  I made a simple tote bag with some of the left over pieces - black and white on the outside, lined with orange fabric.  Who knows what I'll use that for, but it was fun to make.


  1. I love seeing the range of commercial fabrics that you are using to create him. Absolutely stunning intuition, Kate.

  2. This is wonderful, Kate! I love watching you pieces unfold.


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