26 August 2013

New Work: Red Fox, Blue Fox


For the 9th Viewpoints9 challenge, I remembered how much fun it was (still is) to open a new box of crayons, knowing I could use those 64 colors to bring drawings to life, going inside or outside the lines.  I love the smell of Crayola crayons and the names they give the colors, like Melon, Chestnut and Periwinkle.  I don't know what Sienna is, but apparently it can either be Raw or Burnt.  No one knows how to cook sienna properly, it seems.

The real Northern Red Fox's color varies from a light tangerine orange to a dull reddish brown. How about a Cornflower Blue one?  Sure, why not?  And why stick with the regular green grass when we could go with Magenta and Fire Engine Red instead?  No problem, thanks to Carol R Eaton's fantastic iced dyed fabric.


This was a terrific way to wrap up the first cycle of Viewpoints9. Not only did I get to play with fun colors, but I came back to one of my favorite genres – portraits.

The structure of the fox's face is different than my usual human subject, but he definitely has a personality. I think I see a slight grin – or a smirk? – under those whiskers.

Thank you, to the 9 artists who joined this group and shared your thoughts and your artwork! I've learned so much from you, and look forward to continuing the journey in "cycle 2". 

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  1. Very beautiful fox, quilting, and color choices.

  2. Love it, Kate. Just saw a real arctic fox on a trip in June. This catches his personality!


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