27 July 2013

Update: Pottery

As promised, here's a photo of my finished & fired pottery.  I was so excited to see it!  The green (I hoped) would match my kitchen perfectly and I spent an hour adding all those decorative dots.  I couldn't wait to show it off while serving up some snacks to friends and family.


When we showed up to pick up our pottery, I told her the pieces we had done.  "Oh yes" she said, "I remember that beautiful dog bowl".

(cue record scratching noise) 

DOG bowl???



  1. LOL - well, I could see where they would think that, but it is too gorgeous for a dog. Love the green and the dots are so fun. Good job!

  2. Dog bowl... what?! It's a beautiful piece. You inspired me to get back to my local pottery studio to make a dog-bowl of my own :)

  3. Dog bowl... oh dear. Nothing close. She did say one thing right; it is beautiful.


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