04 June 2013

Work in Progress: "Dogwood II" (unquilted)


So here we have "Dogwood II" assembled with fabric, unquilted.  This is not the best photo; just a quick pic with my phone.  It's a bit darker than the real quilt, but it's enough for my purposes right now.  I'm taking an "eyeball" break, before moving onto the detail stitching. 

Often at this stage, I put the piece up on the design board and take a photo of so I can see the image on a small screen.  (A trick for artists who don't have a large studio or workspace.  Seeing it smaller kinda fools your eye into thinking you're seeing the piece from a distance). This helps me decide if the overall composition is working and running on all cylinders (color, visual balance, contrast, movement etc).  If anything needs to be changed, it's better to see it now rather than after everything is sewn down.

When I'm done with all the quilting, I'll square up the edges and probably crop it a bit more.  I'll share a better quality photo once Dogwood II is complete and approved by it's new owner.

Thanks for visiting! :-)


  1. Love the composition and coloring. Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. I agree with Regina: the composition is wonderful. It will be another beauty.


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