22 May 2013

Finished! “Magnolias III”

MagnoliasIII (4)After sitting on the bench with an injury this past week (cut my thumb pretty badly with a rotary cutter), I finally got back into the studio yesterday to finish Magnolias III.

The rotary cutter incident happened as I was trimming the sides of the finished piece, getting it ready for a binding.  Stupid mistake, a moment of distraction, and the next thing you know I’m heading for the walk-in medical center.

The good news: I’m fine and this will heal completely.  The bad news: It will take a long time before my thumb doesn’t look completely gross.  Definitely not in time for Quilt National this weekend. :-/

Onto even BETTER news:  Here’s a photo of the finished Magnolias III, which will be sent to the Texas Quilt Museum next week for the “America the Beautiful” exhibition.  The show will be on display from July to September 2013.

Next project: “Dogwood”
Stay tuned for updates and photos!

MagnoliasIII (3)


  1. What a trouper..or is it trooper?! I think trooper. Well Done, Kate!!

  2. love this piece, but it seems it should have involved some danger pay! Glad the cut was nothing too major and all will be well eventually. Looking forward to seeing your dogwood piece

  3. Beautiful piece! It turned out so wonderful. And thank you for the detail shot. It's always great to see a closeup.

  4. Stunning as usual Kate! Sorry about the cutter... such a bummer!

  5. It looks beautiful! Sorry about your accident. Will you get workman's comp? It was great to see you at QN and I never noticed your finger.

  6. Thanks everyone for the compliments and well wishes. My thumb is healing nicely - I've even started texting again! LOL
    Hi Norma! I was so glad to see you at QN! No workman's comp for me. But at least my boss didn't dock me for the days I missed in the studio :-)


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