26 April 2013

New Work: “Celtic Geometry”


This piece is a celebration of my Irish heritage, for the Viewpoints9 challenge “Image from Tradition”

Although my original inspiration was the “Book of Kells”, I quickly found that I could never duplicate the Celtic monks’ precision and geometric accuracy… and I didn’t have 8 years to work on this challenge.  It felt wrong to make a sloppy, amateur version of one of the real pages in “Kells”.  So I decided to go with a simpler design that included elements of Celtic illustrations from the Middle Ages: compositional balance and near symmetry, lack of negative/blank space, bold color, interwoven shapes and lines, elongated or stylized animals, flat perspective.

You can read more about this piece and see all the finished “Tradition Challenge” quilts on the Viewpoints9 blog.



  1. ohh the use of line is so effective in this piece - must be why its stood the test of time over the centuries. Lovely! I would like to invite you to link up with other fiber artists on my blogs Off the Wall Friday that runs every weekend. Its really proven a great way to network and connect for inspiration and education.

  2. The design against the black backgroud is really effective. The whole pieces pops and flows! Love it!

  3. Thanks Nina Marie and Carol! This piece was really fun to create. There may be more Celtic designs in my future... :-)

  4. I really enjoyed your presentation at QN this year. I particularly liked seeing the back of this piece. There was something really striking about the positive negative space. I am interested to see where this new series takes you.

  5. Thank you Lisa! I'm so glad I met you in Athens. I've been following your work ever since I saw the "Letter S" piece you made for the SAQA auction. Great idea having the "behind the scenes" video on your blog. I loved seeing the image take shape in time lapse photos!
    Take care,


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