25 March 2013

Progress: “Then / Now”

Here’s a look at my work in progress for the “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” piece. Part of the WTHM challenge is to use our own style and perspective to interpret an older quilt. 

I’m really not a gardener… at all.  The area around my house is decorated by what I call “Survival of the Fittest” plants. Whatever can survive on its own with no help from me.  I’ve managed to keep one Peace Lily (houseplant) alive for over 12 years, which is my greatest gardening-type accomplishment. Other than that, the only plants in my life come from a grocery store or via FTD.  My experience with tending flowers is to put them in a vase full of water. 

Tulips_WIPSo I decided that was where I should focus my ‘interpretation’. Plus, you know how I love a shiny object. I couldn’t resist the challenge to create (in fabric) the illusion of water with its surface distortion, the reflections and transparency of glass – how fun!

Ruth’s Flower Garden quilt is mostly blue and pink, with little yellow centers in all the hexagon “flowers”.  Maybe because we’re so close to Easter and springtime, I thought of tulips. I’ve always liked their clean lines and wide variety of colors.  I decided to go with a few pink and a few yellow. 

The bright green is all me.  It may not totally coordinate with my “Then” quilt, but that color makes me happy. Green makes me think of living gardens, plants, fresh vegetables, the first buds of spring.  It was a little sad to cover so much of Carol’s fabric, but I felt like the bouquet needed to fill the space.  And I think the green balances nicely against the mostly pink and burgundy background.

I have the bare bones of the fabric “structure” done. You can start to see the outline of the pitcher and the stems in the water.  It still needs a bit more definition.  But soon I’ll be moving on to the final stage – free motion quilting.  The next photo you see will probably be the finished piece.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Love the progress! We all need some tulips in our lives about now!


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