26 February 2013

New Work: “Café in Istra”

Challenge 6 for Viewpoints9 was written by Australian artist Sue Dennis.

“…I invite you to take a journey!
It can be actual or via the armchair, but you must travel to a country other than your own. Once there look around, observe, take in the sights, sounds and smells. Experience the humidity or cold, generosity or indifference of the people.
Have fun exploring and discovering what, to you, is the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

My inspiration: a small outdoor café in Groznjan, Istra, Croatia. 

In this tiny town of 785 people, accessible only on foot, you can find half a dozen tables set just like this.  Even on a picnic table over wooden benches, you’ll find water and wine glasses, plates, silverware, and of course olive oil and balsamic vinegar


You can read more about this piece, and see all the artists’ interpretations of the “Ordinary/Extraordinary” challenge, at Viewpoints9 blog:


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