14 January 2013


For the past year and a half, my co-Rep for SAQA Connecticut Diane Wright and I have had the dream of creating a State-wide exhibition of fiber art.

LogoTomorrow, we are one step closer as registration for “Local Color” officially opens!  I’m very excited and nervous, hoping people will get multiple entries in right away. 

I, of course, am still working on one of my entries.  Did you think I would NOT wait until the very last minute?  Don’t you know me at all? 

But in my defense I will be entering 3 pieces.  I have 2 done and almost ready with the 3rd.

Fortunately I have until February 15, 2013 to enter, using SAQA’s on line system.  I’m sincerely hoping most of our members in Connecticut will be better than I am and get their entries in before that date!

Wish us luck!  And if you live in CT please consider entering “Local Color”.  More details can be found on our Facebook page:


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