18 May 2012

2012 Auction Quilt Done! “Just Roll With It”

I’m getting ready to ship out my 2012 SAQA Auction quilt, tongue-in-cheek entitled “Just Roll With It”.

JustRollWithItSMThis is my second fabric homage to sushi, but this time with a lot more color.  Finally all those scraps of hand-dyes and batiks are being put to use.  At the risk of being immodest, I love this little quilt. It just makes me happy... and hungry! When’s dinner? 

Hopefully that fun feeling will appeal to someone else too – someone willing to bid on it in September!

To learn more about SAQA’s auction, visit 

01 May 2012

VP9 Challenge 2: Invention, Symbolism… the inexplicable

Ooooo… Betty Busby has come up with a fun, brain-twisty idea for the next Viewpoints 9 challenge!

“When Martha first came up with the concept behind this challenge group, and we took the online quiz to see what our strengths and weaknesses were, I realized my least inspirational field was math.  Never liked it since the answers were either right or wrong, black or white.


It's an invaluable mathematical constant, a ratio that has been known and used since the time of Archimedes, but it can't be precisely expressed through mere numbers.

So a symbol had to be invented for it.

So, my challenge to you is to think of a situation that needs to have a symbol to represent it- and invent that symbol!”  - Betty Busby

noun_main1Hmmm.  Interesting.  A concept, idea or situation that doesn’t have a specific name and can’t be accurately described with numbers or words or formulas. Just off the top of my head:

  • The moment of breathing, between inhaling and exhaling
  • The way a helium balloon hovers without sinking or rising; that perfect balance of helium + the weight of latex or Mylar + air current + air pressure
  • The feeling of drifting/falling/losing awareness just as you fall asleep

I might find a way to depict these things visually, through pictures. Pictures that would call to mind a scenario that the viewer is familiar with, to create a story line through common experience. But then we hit the tricky part – INVENT a symbol to represent it! 

Good thing we have 6 weeks to work on it.  I like it, Betty.