05 November 2012

Last Progress Report for “NYC”

It's down to the wire!  My self-imposed deadline of November 10th is right around the corner, and the very REAL deadline of November 26 (to hang my solo show) is only a slight safety net.

Luckily, with some helpful advice from the SAQA Visioning team, I was able to build a quick-and-easy design board.  This made it SO much easier to see my work from far away, and to really get a sense of perspective.  It allowed me to see that one of the street lights was tipping way over.  In real life they do lean a little bit, but not that much. 

So I ripped out a bunch of stitches and made the necessary changes.  I also decided I wanted to darken the outer edges.  There were a couple fabrics that looked darker when viewed close up but from farther away they were too light. It was distracting, and kind of took away from the street "glow" I'm trying to achieve.  So again, ripped out some fabrics and covered others.

Now finally on to the quilting!

I've been furiously stitching away, adding details and small reflections.  While I fill in the background, I'm also using some batik scraps that might have been thrown in the trash.  I cut them into tiny squares or rectangles and put them onto the quilt as I'm at the sewing machine, and quilt right over them.  (See detail)

For NYC I'm not concerned with making it exactly accurate, just believable.  I'm trying to capture the energy and movement of the place at New Years Eve.
So here's where I am at this point.  5 days until the deadline.  I'm feeling cautiously confident.

The next time you see “NYE in NYC” it will be done!

Thanks again for the advice on the design board, fellow SAQA members!.  I'll include a photo of it below.  It's made from a piece of 2 1/2" thick insulation board, 4 ft by 6 1/2 ft.  Then covered with a big canvas drop cloth, duct taped in the back.  It took about an hour to make it.  For now it's just leaned up against my book case.  It makes taking photos of my work a breeze too.

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  1. Kate,
    As usual your work is engaging and exciting! Congrats on your solo show!



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