19 October 2012

Progress on NYC

Checking in with my latest progress: I’d say I have about 3/4 of the cutting and piecing done on “NYE in NYC”. 


My goal is to complete this phase and move on to quilting by next Wed. Oct 24th.   That will give me roughly two and a half weeks to finish it by the November 10th deadline.

I was very excited to find this striped batik fabric, replacing the solid turquoise-blue one.  I also like the light blue batik with the circle pattern.  I’m really thinking about using more prints or patterns for this piece, instead of the modeled hand dyes. There’s just more energy to the batiks.  It’s a risk – not only design wise, but searching for new fabrics might cause me to miss my Nov 10th deadline.  I’ll have to take that chance.  It think it’s better to make it right than to make it fast.  But I definitely want to have it done by November 26 so I can include it in my solo show at the Funky Monkey.

Looking forward to the NYPD car – I can’t wait to get into those reflections, the headlights and most of all the siren!

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