03 October 2012

Progress: Copper Lily

The Viewpoints9 deadline is 3 weeks away, but (miracle of miracles) I’m finished with my challenge piece.  As in, EARLY.  I’ll leave the binding until the last possible moment of course.  But that’s irrelevant.  Point is, I have 23 whole days to slack off…  Oh wait.  No I don’t.

Even if it wasn’t for the November 1st deadline for the big NYC piece, I’ve been commissioned to create a 3-painting mural (24x36 ea.) to be delivered to Boston MA on October 13.  Free-wheeling down time between projects?  HA!  Don’t' make me laugh!

I’m not complaining.  It’s a great problem to have.  Painting is fun.  Plus, who am I to turn down a paying job?  And the tight deadline guarantees I don’t go into daydream mode after finishing Copper Lily

I realize that I spend way more time thinking of ideas and planning out the composition than actually making the piece.  For this challenge I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do almost right away.  It turned out to be good practice for me; just pick a direction and get something concrete done, rather than hem and haw over all the possibilities for weeks at a time.

For the “Scent of a Memory” challenge, I decided to use a copper color palette to reference the penny, along with the image of a Stargazer Lily.  Here’s the basic color scheme I settled on:

CopperLily (1)

If you know me at all you’ll understand that the thread is a major component in my designs.  So I usually pick out a wide range of colors in the thread as well as the fabric. 

I’m happy with how this piece turned out.  I feel like it met my goals: incorporating both elements (copper and lily) into the design, and making something I’d be willing to hang on the wall.  I’ll post a full-view photo of the finished piece on October 26 after the Viewpoints9 gallery opens.  Until then…


I’ll give you a peek!  Smile

Here’s a detail of the finished “Copper Lily”:

CopperLily (5)

In the meantime I’ve turned my attention to Boston Harbor triptych, so for the next two weeks I’ll be trading my sewing machine for a paintbrush.

Working in a different medium has been a nice change of pace and focus.  I’ll try to remember to switch things up during the year to avoid getting burned out on fiber art. 

WIP1 (6) 

More photos of Boston Harbor coming soon.  Have a great week!



  1. Wow, I am so envious! I'm still unpacking my studio and gathering fabric for the V9 challenge! Your Copper Lily looks fabulous......can't wait to see them both! Do you use a long arm, Kate?

  2. Hi Martha :-)
    I don't use a longarm but my desktop machine is a little wider than average. It has a 9" throat, which makes it a lot easier to do free motion work.
    Best of luck and success in your new digs!


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