26 June 2012

Viewpoints9 Challenge 2: “Turas”

“You never know where life will take you”. I’ve heard that phrase many times. But does life really take us like we’re riding along on a rollercoaster’s track or do we forge our own way, one of many possible paths? 

My made-up symbol represents a collection of choices and influences, big and small, seen over a lifetime, spilling over from one generation to the next. I’m calling it a Turas, which is the Gaelic word for journey.


Here's a bit more background on Turas: My friend decided to enter her first marathon the same week she was diagnosed with cancer. She went on to run TWO marathons in the 2 weeks before she started treatment. Her husband told her a marathon is approx 50,000 steps, and they would get through each one together.

I love that idea, especially when dealing with (what seems to be) an overwhelming challenge. One step is manageable. Then one more... Before you know it, 50,000 steps are behind you. (shout out -> Thanks, Kim!)

You can read more about this piece on the Viewpoints 9 blog: 

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