12 June 2012

Notes: Viewpoints9 Challenge 2

For a quick refresher on the focus of Challenge 2, read Betty Busby’s post here:

NonicLukaWalkingIn the spirit of this challenge, I think I’ve found an idea that cannot be accurately expressed through numbers or formula. 

The short version: things in life that have no “formula” for success. These are things most people agree are VERY important to do well, yet have absolutely no agreement on how to be successful. 

Some examples: What’s the secret formula for a strong relationship? a close-knit family? happy, well-balanced kids? Really. I need a formula, like do these things A-Z.

There are just too many variables, it takes too long to see results and there’s no way to evaluate your progress along the way by a set of accepted standards.  (Imagine this Parental Success Report: A+ for dinner conversations, C- for significant events attendance, B for moral support, D+ for helpful advice… Oh no, you failed that big test on “What am I angry about?” Ouch. Better study up for next semester!)

There’s more of a long, drawn out explanation on VP9’s blog:

Now to create a symbol for this convoluted idea! Surprised smile

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  1. Please, let me know what that formula is, ASAP! Looking forward to Tuesday's reveal. This has been an interesting challenge.....made me look at a lot of things differently.


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