27 April 2012

It’s On: Viewpoints 9 First Challenge Quilt Complete

Themel_ItsOnThe Viewpoints 9 Gallery is on display now.  9 artists interpreted a musical piece by Vivaldi.  Check out the Viewpoints 9 blog to see them all, and read a statement from each artist about her work:

My piece It’s On is inspired by the feeling of excitement and speed I experienced while listening to Vivaldi.

The music reminded me of the first few minutes of a race… A lot of adrenaline, energy, momentum, a feeling of being chased.  The moments after the starting gun can be a little chaotic (which is why I tend to stay on the outside edge and hug the curb). Everyone is going in the same direction at different speeds. I sometimes feel like I’m being swept along, almost out of my control.  It takes a few minutes to calm down and get my bearings.  But pretty soon I get into a good rhythm and have fun.


1 comment:

  1. what a wonderful interpretation! I can almost hear Vivaldi as I look at your piece.


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