16 January 2012

Next Installment of the mystery quilt

Well, we have a couple of close guesses so far.  Norma and Carol both guessed that these shapes are buildings.  Correct! 
Carol wins for being the first to guess buildings as seen from above.  Congratulations Carol!
But it’s not over yet, folks! I’m posting another installment to see if anyone can be more specific.  Can you tell me what building is featured, or guess the city?  If you can, I’ll send you a box of cards as well.
HINT: It’s somewhere in New England.
I’ll leave the contest open until January 28th.  Happy guessing, everyone!


  1. Yeah!I won!! I'm not sure where the buildings are but I will keep trying to figure it out.

  2. looks like Madison Square Garden, but then I haven't seen it from that angle in a while....


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