22 January 2012

Last Installment: Mystery Picture

No one has guessed the building or the city yet, so I’m going to post one last photo update before the contest ends.   Maybe you can pick out some distinguishing characteristics. And now for a few hints:
The city depicted here is in Connecticut
It is not Hartford
The title of this piece is “Morgan’s Flight”
Good luck everyone!

This will be the last photo update of “Morgan’s Flight” as a work-in-progress.  The next time I post a photo of this piece it will be finished.  Stay tuned Smile


  1. I really am enjoying your watching your progression on this piece. Very interesting. See you Saturday.

  2. Thanks Diane! No guesses?
    I'm hoping to have some of this tacked together so I can bring it for Show & Tell. See you Saturday (cross fingers for good weather)

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what it is. I've known from the beginning that it was buildings, but I am stumped at to which buildings.

    See you Saturday.

  4. It's the Bridgeport Center in Bridgeport. You can see it traveling southbound on I 95 just after crossing the bridge! See you Saturday.....
    Mary Lyn

  5. And we have a winner! Mary Lyn is correct. I'll see you Saturday, and will bring your prize.
    Thanks for playing!
    :-) Kate

  6. Ohhh... I was going to guess New Haven - I would have been very wrong!


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