07 December 2011

I’m on the Cover!

… Well, my quilt is, anyway.

I’m very happy to share with you a sneak peak at next month’s MACHINE QUILTING UNLIMITED magazine:

MQU January 2012 Coversm

That’s my “Teapot” on the cover!  Now, I know it’s not mature and dignified to say things like super duper, but I am super-duper excited!  I can’t wait until January when this issue hits the news stands.

Inside you’ll find an article about my artistic journey and photos of some of my work.

You can buy MQU magazine at JoAnn Fabrics, select quilt stores, or by subscription.

It was my great pleasure to work with Kit Robinson and Vicki Anderson at MQU.  Thanks Vicki and Kit, for your generosity and patience, and for all the hard work you put into every issue!


  1. I was drawn to the cover yesterday when I saw it for the first time. I love it -- could it be that I have sooooo many teapots? Hmmmm. Anyway, you did a wonderful job on it. Congratulations!

  2. Of course, you are super-duper excited! We are excited for you. I'll be buying an issue...maybe get it autographed? ;^)

  3. Thank you BJ and Diane! I'd be very happy to sign a copy if you get one. :-)

  4. Kate, love your "Teapot". It brought me to your website where I found a couple other quilts where you have used -steam- as an element. How did you create that, if you don't mind my asking. Something that came recently in a critque group. Great work!

  5. Thank you Judy & John :-)
    For Copper Kettle and GottaHavaCuppa I used white silk organza for the steam. I stitched it into place but some people use light fusible web to attach it. For Teapot and Aroma, I also used a tiny bit of silver metallic paint by Jacquard, brushed on very very lightly.Then I add some swirly details with free motion stitches.
    Happy Holidays!

  6. This is a great achievement...I enjoy viewing your work. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I just bought the magazine and enjoyed the article. You do great work.

  8. Thank you for the compliments & Glad you liked the article!


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