29 September 2011

Sketching: Small Study of Light

Lately I’ve been working on the idea of bright lights surrounded by darkness – what kind of colors and effects are created with different kinds of lighting, etc.

Spain (4)SMThis week I created a small sketch (8” x 10”) based on a photo my brother took while visiting Spain.  The setting is some kind of alley or side street, I think.  And the cobblestone is slightly wet.

With this piece I’m testing out some ideas about shadows and the way light is reflected off wet stones vs. dry stucco.  Like any sketch, I tried to work “quickly” (2 days) and not over think it; I just wanted to create the illusion of light in general.

Over the next few months I’ll be experimenting and testing out different theories with these little pieces, until I get a handle on the idea for a large composition.  I’ll share my sketches as I go along.  Hope you enjoy them!



  1. I LOVE! it...thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  2. Kate,
    I do appreciate you sharing your process. I can't tell from the photo. Is it a print of the photo on the fabric? Or fused? Or pieced?

  3. Thanks Diane and Judy!
    Judy, this was done with pieces of fabric to make the composition and then free motion stitches to add details. I don't typically use photo printing or fusing. Just tack the pieces temporarily with a little glue & finish it with a LOT of machine quilting.
    Thanks for asking

  4. These are wonderful - I just love the colours, and am learning the art of thread sketching.. Your work is just beautiful!

  5. Wonderful, Kate! You've really captured the light. Hard to believe that you did it in two days.

  6. Thank you, Loralei and Norma!

  7. Kate, I love the way you've captured the light, and colors. The threads add so much luminosity. I bet your brother loves it too!


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