06 September 2011

“Dandelion” Earns the People’s Choice Award at Quilt National

The final results are in!Themel_DandelionDetailSM1

Visitors to Quilt National in Athens had the opportunity to see all 85 quilts and vote for their favorite.  At the end of the show’s run at the Dairy Barn Art Center yesterday, the votes were counted and “Dandelion” was named the winner of the People’s Choice Award!

I am so thrilled to see the announcement on Dairy Barn’s website.

Winning the People’s Choice Award means so much to me as an artist.  This is NOT to take anything away from Young Emerging Artist award, which is an incredible honor to win. 

But the People’s Choice has nothing to do with me as a person or my age.  It is based on my artwork speaking for itself, making a connection to viewers.  That is a true thrill.  WOW!! 

Thank you Dairy Barn Art Center and everyone who made the trip to see the show.

If you missed Quilt National in Ohio, you can see the exhibition in St. Charles, Missouri at the Foundry Art Centre.  Visit Quilt National’s page for an updated schedule:


  1. The awards and KUDOS keep coming for a good reason: they are well deserved. Your artwork is exceptional, and you deserve the praise. So lift your glass and bask in the glory, then get back to work and make another incredible piece of art!

  2. What an honor! Congrats to you on a wonderful piece...My Best, joni

  3. Huge congratulations, Kate. The honor is well-deserved.

  4. Congratulations! A well deserved award. Your work is spectacular!


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