23 August 2011

“Dandelion” featured as the Jaw Dropper in MQU Magazine! (Machine Quilting Unlimited, Sept/Oct issue)


I received an early copy of Machine Quilting Unlimited magazineand was THRILLED to see my “Dandelion” featured on page 78, in the section labeled “Jaw Dropper”!   

286127_10150410032179062_317320744061_10930991_2395861_oThe current (Sept/Oct 2011) issue of MQU magazine will go out to subscribers and select fabric stores September 1st.

Look for the cover, showing a detail of Ann Horton’s quilt “Honoring Those Who Served”.  

Sneak peak of the contents and Editor’s note here: 

Check out the MQU website for information on how to order the current issue or subscribe:

11 August 2011

Festival of Quilts Opens Today in Birmingham, England

BoatmanSketch (4)Boatman Sketch is on display now, as part of SAQA’s special exhibit in the Festival of Quilts.

The show opened today and will run until Sunday.  If you happen to be in the Birmingham, United Kingdom area please stop by and see it!

National Exhibition Centre
Birmingham, West Midlands B40, United Kingdom


Hours: Thurs - Sun:
10:00 am - 5:30 pm


04 August 2011

“Blood Iris” is Complete – a grim name for a lovely flower

Themel_Iris_finishedSMAll done!  “Blood Iris” (also known as iris sanguinea) is complete, finished size 33” x 46”.  I just finished the binding, which is a very light khaki green batik. 

It was scary cutting so much off the top and sides, but in the end I think the tighter composition works better.  There was just too much white space around the flower. 

I also added a few different colors into the background stitching, to give an impression of something blurred in the background and further break up the white space.  It’s very light, like a diluted watercolor wash.  Some of the detail is lost because I took this photo with a flash, but you may be able to see some color variation in the detail below.

Thanks to my friend and fellow artist Martha Wolfe for the idea of quilting the background first (before I added the layers of fabric for the flower). That step saved me a lot of headaches later!  I could really stitch a lot of details while the foundation remained flat.  I didn’t have to worry about starting in the middle and working out towards the edges like you would do for a traditional quilt.  I could just work on a section at a time, one color then the next. 

I’m very happy with how this piece turned out.  I’m considering entering it into a few shows but I’m kind of looking forward to just hanging it in my living room.