06 June 2011

“Woops” is NOT good when using rotary cutters….


Good news: “Sunflower” is now finished. 
Bad news: I accidentally trimmed it about 1/2” too small.  Argh! 

The Japan show requires pieces be 20”x20” square.  I can’t blame my tools, it was entirely my own fault.  However, there’s a little red area on my new ruler, about 1/2 inch along one side, which I stupidly misread.  The result is that I cut off too much from the edge of my quilt, making it 19 1/2” per side.

As my kids would say… DERP!

sigh, So now my options are:

1. hope the rules are kinda flexible on that size thing… or

2. make another sunflower the right size.

If I make another one, I think I could do a good job and maybe even improve it a little.  And for once I have this done way ahead of the deadline (October), so I could feasibly finish another one with time to spare.  But if I make another one, I’d want to change it a little (not just the size).  Different color scheme?  Another angle?

Any advise is welcome.

Ah, well.  That’s why Norm Abram always says “Measure Twice, Cut Once”!!!

The other good news is that I really like this piece on its own. It’s still beautiful and makes me happy to see it. So even if it doesn’t go to Japan I won’t mind having it around the house.



  1. It's really beautiful! A winner in any case. Fortunately you are way ahead of the game.

    (some of us have not even started)

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on another stunning piece.

    -- did you consider writing to the folks in Japan to see if 19 1/2" would be acceptable?

  3. I hate it when I do something like that! It is a gorgeous quilt, as usual. I would write to the Japan show people and see if it's alright.

  4. Thanks everyone! I spoke to the organizer and they are fine with a little variation on the size. Looks like it won't be a problem. Whew!! :-)


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