10 June 2011

Next up: “Iris”

Themel_irisphotoSMI’m anxiously waiting the new fabric and thread I ordered to arrive so I can start on my next piece, “Iris”.  All those rich purples and greens…  Yummy!

The other day (after surrendering in a fight with my PC over corrupted files), I took my camera outside to find hope and inspiration.

This lovely iris was growing right outside my front door!  I love flowers but I’m definitely no gardener.  We haven’t ‘planted’ anything other than grass seeds in the past 8 years.  So anytime a real flower appears on our property I’m amazed.

Then last night we had a terrible storm which left the little guy still standing but sadly missing most of its petals.  I’m so glad I took a picture of it before, so I can try to recreate its majesty in fabric.  I have it sketched out; when finished it will be about 35”x50”.  At that size, I wouldn’t expect finished photos for a while. 

I may work on a few small sketch projects, to figure out a few things.  If those turn out well I’ll share some pix.  Stay tuned!



  1. It's a beautiful photo of a beautiful flower. You will do it justice in a quilt--I am sure of that.

  2. Should be another great Themel quilt when you complete. Interested that you will do smaller sketch projects first. Do you quilt them all out?

  3. Hi Judy,
    Yes I usually quilt them because I like to try different effects with the stitching. They don't usually look like anything - sometimes just a few pieces of fabric with a lot of scribbly lines on them! :-) But I just did a small iris, maybe 5x7 that could possibly work in a frame..


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