02 June 2011

Back to Work: Progress on “Sunflower”


After all the excitement of the past week, I’m back to work in the studio, getting some of the quilting done on “Sunflower”.   Here’s a sneak peak of the work in progress.

This composition will be 20” x 20” when finished, and will travel to Japan for the invitational Friendship Show in December.

Breaking from tradition, I’m trying to get this done ahead of the deadline in October.  Actually once I figured out my approach, making its has been really fun to create. 

“Sunflower” is the brand-new-box-of-Crayons kind of fun.  I love the colors & the way the flower looks like it’s on fire.  Seems like I’ve been in a color pendulum swing in my recent work… going from monochromatic gray to super bright, saturated orange & yellow.

At the moment I’m using the stitches to blend the colors on the petals and flesh out come additional details in the center – all those little seeds… Yikes!   I’m also thinking of changing some of those dark red sections on the left; it may be too much of a solid color.  Maybe I’ll add a few pieces of batik or modeled hand dyes on top to break it up.  It will mean tearing out a lot of stitching and re-doing that section, but might be worth it.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned!

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