30 May 2011

Young Emerging Artist Award at Quilt National!

Themel_DandelionSM I'm honored and overjoyed to announce that "Dandelion" has earned me the "Young Emerging Artist" (YEA) Award, sponsored by Katie & Bobby Masopust.

What a thrill to be there and meet the artists, many of whom I have admired for a long time. And to see a little diamond-shaped badge on my name tag denoting a special recognition.... WOW!

I can finally share a photo of the finished piece. It will be on tour with QN for about 2 years, and then off to its new owner (“Dandelion” was sold during QN’s Opening Weekend). Strange to think it won't be coming back to my house. But I am happy to let it go since I know it will be loved and appreciated.

We got back from Ohio yesterday; I'm trying to settle down and regroup. Going through the exhibition book (it's beautiful, by the way) and remembering what each artist said about their work, recreating the experience in my mind.  It has truly been a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I've received many congratulatory emails & comments from friends and fellow artists. Thank you to everyone, for all your encouragement and support!!  And many thanks to The Dairy Barn Arts Center, all the hard working staff, and to Katie & Bobby Masopust for their generous support.  Themel_DandelionDetailSM

The YEA Award was created by the Masopusts to reach out to young artists and introduce them to fiber art.  It was intended for an artist under age 30, to encourage more young people to enter Quilt National.

This year there were no artists under age 30 who were accepted to QN, so they expanded the eligibility to “30-something”.  Lucky me!  It is with a sense of humility that I accept the award, knowing that the sponsors may have liked to give it to a younger person. But I will always cherish the YEA Award and my QN experience, and I will definitely encourage young people to explore fiber as an artistic medium. 

Check out the “Quilt National ‘11” Photo Album on Dairy Barn Arts Center’s Facebook page to see more photos of the show and all the award winning quilts.


  1. I've been on a "blog vacation" for so long, I hadn't noticed all that has been happening for you. What a great month!!! How will you ever come back down to earth??? Congrats for all of your sales, honors and well deserved recognition.

  2. Fantastic! You truly are well-deserving of this honor. Your work is magnificent, I'm proud to say I know you--and that I have seen much of your beautiful work in person.


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